Web Development & Design

Web development constitutes the most important field when it comes to the internet’s world. As statistics shows there are millions of people who surf the internet every day, users are online seven days a week, twenty four hours a day. following the massive exposure of users to the internet, a high demand on marketing new brands and businesses products have started by targeting internet users.
Businesses are interested in someone who have experience in web development, thus they turn to web development companies to build them a website where they can market their products and offer their services.
Nowadays, web development companies are offering many web solutions as Static websites, commerce websites, CMS (content management system), portals and forums.

Professional Web Development

COMITS is a web development company which offers a various web solutions, the solutions we offer are unique which are developed during the year while getting familiar with the internet world in addition to the user’s needs on the internet.
our web solutions matches all various kinds of businesses, when talking about static websites for small businesses, individuals and of course, commerce, CMS, forums, and portals when it comes to large companies.

Web Design

Web design is the first and most crucial step in creating a new website for your company. Every website begins its way in designers minds, conceptual thinking and colour picking.
First impression can impress only once, and what make that impression is the first thing that visitors see which is the design. Hence, the website should be design appropriately in order to make visitors feel comfortable which actually force them to stay more in your website and visit more pages.
Brands should design their products, services, business cards, logo and even their office with the same colours and template.
Hence, we offer businesses that doesn’t have a logo or single design, tools to redesign those elements which improve the look & feel which eventually will attract more potential customers.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Search Engine Optimization is a process which makes your website visible to your customers through Google and other major search engines. It is the strategy for increasing search engine ranking positions through different ways of business website configuration as well as marketing. The main reason regarding SEO is that if your business website is not visible to your customers then you can’t take benefit from them even if you provide the best service or product. Therefore, it is the most essential factor that you require to enhance your business because without SEO many of your potential clients won’t know about your business.

COMITS offer high quality professional Internet marketing & SEO services to anyone looking to increase traffic to their website.